A vision that matters.

About us

Welcome to a world where ancient wisdom is infused with modern aesthetics.

The Kotri is an interior design initiative founded by Devyani Kumari, a bespoke interior designer who works on a global scale. Though we work across different interiors and design styles, most of our inspiration lies in the art & architectural elements of Rajasthan- our birthplace and one of the most spectacular places in the world.

Our niche lies in bespoke furniture design and we believe in combining aesthetics with utility. As we envision a desired space in the modern world, we understand the value attached with time, space, cost and comfort and provide favourable results that compliment your personal lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

OUR PHILOSOPHYWe believe in you.

The Kotri constantly works towards bridging the gap between the client and the craftsman through personal connections.

For us, you become our family from the very moment of our association and we take the liability to transform your space by indulging you in the overall process of its production from the grassroots level. We believe that your connection with all the things around you literally define who you are- let us be the storytellers of your story.

Being brought up in an environment of rich Jaipuri heritage and a royal lineage, she witnessed an interest in interiors and design from a fairly young age. Her ancestry includes Rao Jag Malji, the son of Raja Prithvi Singh I of Jaipur (Amber) and Rao Khangarji, ancestor of Khangarots, which comprised one of the Barah Kotri (12 chambers) of the Kachhawa Royal Family. And this is how we at ‘The Kotri’ got our name.

OUR VALUESLong-lasting impressions that you’ll love.

The designs produced by us are an outcome of the Rajput school of architecture, which is a perfect mixture of Hindu and Mughal structural pattern with ornamented havelis, elaborately carved temples and magnificent forts that are a marvel to everyone’s eye.

Social Responsibility
Our Manufacturing Excellence

OUR FOUNDERDevyani Singh

Devyani is a renowned bespoke interior designer and consultant who belongs to Jobner, which falls under the Jaipur district of Rajasthan. A Master of Luxury Design from the prestigious University of NABA, Milan, she actively works with residential projects as well as boutique hotels throughout North India & South India under segments like hospitality, urban as well as retail.

Today, she is praised throughout the industry for her impeccable passion for artistry and sophistication for bespoke furnishings. Apart from being featured in a number of online and offline platforms, she has successfully created and executed designs for numerous homes, boutique & residential hotels and office spaces. Be it planning your dream house or making the best of every space and detail- we at The Kotri strive and thrive with her vision to provide strategic interior solutions that speak of elegance and modernity.